How To Write A Niche Site Homepage Content That Converts

How To Write A Niche Site Homepage Content That Converts

One thing is true for just about every site on the internet: the homepage gets the most traffic.

That’s partially based on people’s browsing habits and site design, as anyone who lands on any page on your site can usually easily navigate back to your homepage with just one click.

Let me show you example from 3 of my Amazon niche sites for a clearer picture:

The first site is relatively older, the second one I started around 7 months ago, and the 3rd site I started a couple months ago.

All of these sites have one thing in common: Homepage gets most traffic.

Why is that?

It’s partially due to the way that search engines return results to favor home pages for big keywords. Also, when we build niche site, we target the main keyword on homepage. When building links, we priorities homepage over dozens of contents we publish on the same site.

So if your niche website’s homepage is going to be your most visited page anyhow, why not take advantage of that?

That’s where conversion optimized niche site homepage come in. With a well-designed homepage that leads to amazon sales, you will see much higher click rate from your site to Amazon and a much more conversion rate at Amazon.

How To Write A Niche Site Homepage Content

I discussed niche site contents earlier. Today, I especially want to talk about niche site homepage.

On my previous article, I focused the following points that you need to consider when writing:

Things To Consider When Writing Contents

Do you follow the same blueprint as for the general contents?

Here’s how I do it. This is the exact guideline I follow to get maximum sales with the traffic received.

1. Write High-Quality Engaging Contents

Just like on every other page on your niche site, it all starts with content. People visit your site to find information but they will convert more if you entertain them while educating the lot.

If you want your content to convert visitors into buyers, you need to write with an expert’s voice and cadence. You need to write content that’s original and high quality from a spelling and grammatical perspective.

Also, you need to put in the time to do your research, and learn enough about the material you are writing to have something interesting to say.

And you need to practice writing copy that doesn’t look like a boring copy. There’s a lot to learn about content that converts, but that’s what every aspect of your niche site will be based on, homepage included.

2. Provide Exact Information They Are Looking For

On average, a visitor to your site will remain for less than a minute on your website before moving on.

All you have is a minute to get your reader’s attention and keep them in and send them to Amazon to buy the particular product. The best way to do that is by providing genuinely helpful information.

If you don’t have the answers they are looking for, and don’t make them readily available, they will find those answers somewhere else.

As far as your niche site’s homepage is concerned, focus on creating content that provides well-rounded and helpful information that answers questions holistically. You want each reader that lands on your homepage to feel that they have found everything they need, and don’t need to bounce to another site to find the details they want.

For niche site owners, that means putting all of the relevant information about your chosen niche product or products in one place in a manner that is truly accessible and helpful for your visitors.

Sounds like an impossibly ambitious task?

Don’t worry, in the rest of this guide, I’m going to share some techniques that you can employ to do all of that and more with ease.

3. Adding Comparison Table Can Increase Conversion Up to 300%!

Niche site experts who see real commission numbers can all agree that comparison tables sell. Dom Well from HumanProofDesigns increased one of his Amazon niche site conversion rate upto 300% adding a simple comparison table.

A well-constructed comparison table will not only help you link to the products you are hoping your visitors buy, they will give your readers a graphically friendly and easy to consume content.

Once you’ve laid out all of the right information in the right way, the product will sell itself.

On your niche site’s homepage, consider including a comparison table with multiple of the best selling products in your niche (more on that later). Then, link directly to each product within your table to make it even easier to point your visitors in a direction that will lead to a commission in your pocket.

Shashank from suggests comparing the main products in details on his step by step Amazon affiliate guide, as he said, he experienced a huge increase in conversion.

Make sure your comparison table only includes relevant information, and doesn’t take up so much space that your visitors spend more than a few moments judging your selected niche products against each other.

Here are some example comparison table you can create for you niche site:

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 5.20.18 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 5.20.05 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 5.18.20 PM

You will find numerous comparison table creating plugin in Codecanyon. However, I personally prefer GoPricing, the best comparison table creator available on the market. The last comparison table shown above is created using this plugin.

4. Write Detailed Product Reviews On Homepage and Publish A Separate Detailed Review

For all of the top products in your niche, you should include a detailed product review directly on your homepage. When product reviews follow a well-crafted comparison table, they give visitors another way to digest even more information about your niche items.

Depending on how many top selling products you are targeting, product reviews can be anywhere from 300-500 words in homepage. Just make sure that they are detailed and provide your visitors with real value.

88% of consumers trust online product reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation, so this is a powerful place for you to push visitors in the direction of whichever niche product you are hoping to convert for.


Home page niche site

5. Mention Product Pros and Cons / Feature Highlights

Within your product reviews, make sure to mention the “pros” and “cons” of each item you list. Also, mention feature highlights of the products so readers can check shortly, what they are really going to get on that particular product.

Comparing things with pros and cons is one of the first ways that many people learn to make up their mind about any decision, and listing pros and cons explicitly in your product reviews will give you the chance to afford your readers one more way to compare products directly.

Many readers will skim through a review looking for pros and cons, so if you choose to leave these out you are bound to disappoint potentially converting visitors.Make sure you have the “Much Detailed Review” of that product available in the site as a separate post.

Make sure you have the “Much Detailed Review” of that product available in the site as a separate post.


Feature highlights niche site

6. Add a Clear Call To Action

Call to action matters!

If you want your niche site homepage to convert, you need to make it easy for visitors to end up exactly where you want them to be, which for niche site owners means funneling readers towards the Amazon product link, where they can make the purchase.

Good home pages that lead to conversions will usually have multiple “calls to action” throughout, beckoning people to purchase the niche items you are reviewing.

If you’re not landing many conversion from your home page, experiment with the wording and format of your call to action: some case studies show that changing a single word can boost click rates on call to action buttons by 90% or more.

For me, I use call to action button in:

  • Comparison table
  • Product name subhead
  • First product name mention
  • Product image
  • Price Call To Action

Example Call To Action For Homepage

7. Recommend Only Best Products

Best product on AmazonChances are, your visitors have done some research on your niche products before viewing your site, and have already gathered some information from various means.

That means, unless you want to stand out for recommending bad products, you should only throw your weight behind niche items that you have full confidence in, and which have good reviews on Amazon and in other places.

Pushing products that most people have reviewed negatively is a risky move, and will probably serve to drive off your visitors rather than produce conversions.

Before putting any product in my best list, I always check it with related authority sites, top ranked site on Google in that particular search term, and Amazon reviews.

8. Do Proper Content Formatting and Design For Better Conversion

Depending on who you ask, the formatting of your content is either as important or more important than your content itself. If you want to see your niche site produce higher conversion rates, you will need to be sure that all of your content is optimized for web viewers to digest.

That means you content needs to be scannable, media rich, and peppered with your calls to action. If you content doesn’t look appealing within a few seconds, your readers will move somewhere.

For a single example, putting your most important “call to action” button on its own line, rather than embedding it in your text, can immediately double your click through rates.

Case studies abound, Gael and Mark from AuthorityHacker mentioned 9275 times as much traffic on specific pages just by reformatting them.

If you want to create a niche homepage that leads to conversions, formatting your content well should be a top priority.

I use the following content formatting points before hitting the Publish button:

  • Clear Headings
  • Short Paragraphs
  • Bullet points
  • Media (Images, Graphs, Video Snippets)
  • Highlighted text (Strong, Emphatic, Anchor Text)

For better content design, I use Thrive Content Builder plugin in all of my niche sites.

How To Research Best Products

All of the information above will help you create niche site home pages that sell products, and lead to conversions which pay out in commissions.

But the question remains, “Which products should you choose to feature on your homepage?”

While a good niche site can review dozens of products, your home page should only feature 5-10 items in your niche.

Here’s how to find the best ones to feature:

1. Check Amazon Best Sellers

Begin by doing a quick keyword search on Amazon for products in your niche, and sort your results by the best selling products. Make sure that you are only looking at products in your niche by narrowing down your results by category.

Amazon best selling products

2. Select Top 5 or Top 10 Best Products

Once you’ve sorted your search by top sellers, go ahead and select the top 5-10 products that come up. Note the products selected.

3. Check Industry Authority Site For Product Recommendation

After selecting your products, do some research and see what industry experts are saying about each product. Depending on your niche, top authority sites (like home products –, for technological products, can be a good place to start.

See if any of the best selling products you’ve narrowed down have been red-flagged by other authority sites.

4. Check Customer Reviews on Amazon and Highlight Product Benefits

Once you’ve found 5/10 top selling products that don’t have any negative reviews on other authority sites, dig through a few Amazon customer reviews to find out more about each product. From there, it’s easy to finalize a list of what to showcase on your homepage.

Homepage Content Format

I write my niche site contents for 3000 to 4000 words, and I build them following this content format:

1. Introduction To The Product Type (E.G –  Keyword) – 100 to 150 Words
2. How To Choose [Keyword] (400 to 500 Words In Total Under 3 To 4 Subheads)A. Things To Consider:

  • Things To Consider 1
  • Things To Consider 2
  • Things To Consider 3
  • Things To Consider 4
  • Other Considerations Long Sentenced Bullet Point

Note: Try to cover most of the considerations on these points. Implement bullet points under each consideration if possible.

3. Recommended Product Reviews (200-250 word review for each product, only unique selling propositions of each product – under several subhead. Also focus the Highlighted Features under the short review)

  • Individual product reviews 1
  • Individual product reviews 3
  • Individual product reviews 3
  • The list goes on…

4. Final Verdict (100 to 120 Words)

This is my personal content format, however, you can check the successful niche sites from Google, and make your own content format after analyzing a couple. To me, the above format is working great.

Don’t Stop There!

Of course, your homepage isn’t the only place to get conversions on your niche site, but it can be one of the most powerful when utilized correctly. Start with the tips above and experiment on your own, and watch your niche site’s home page become the best converting page on your site.

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